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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thankfully I snapped a photo before I headed out for my classmate's wedding. I liked how the dress look in the most natural form~

Just to commemorate it as I'm contemplating to sell it as it doesn't look as flattering on photos due to the mesh fabric which tends to enlarge the arms :( Mosaic-ed the bkgrd as it was a lil messy lol.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

When you could no longer reason with your heart, it is time to face up to reality

Tuesday, November 04, 2014


1) catching up with friends of cos

Meeting up with upper sec sch friends, Shu bin and hui min (: Though we lost touch for a good 3-4 years but I'm glad that we are now more initiative nowadays. 

Not to mention, my best kaki at work. Since we are both unemployed now, that makes more sense for us to meet up more often for some job hunts and ranting sessions. We were at duxton hill that day to savour french cuisine at le'entrecote and small bites thereafter.

 Pretty awesome carrot cake at Group therapy~

Ex-colleagues and I went back to our favourite place, Melben to satisfy crab cravings lol. This photograph is taken using a selfie stick that yiting bought. Apparently we didn't master the skills of using it, the image turned out quite grainy..

Wimbly lu at serangoon gardens thereafter! their desserts are simply too awesome. 

One of the nicer cafes around - windowsill. Quite a nice find among the ulu surroundings.

Their pies are heavenly. I cannot recall what we ordered but the one at the top was soooo good! You can taste the different textures within the pie. I am craving for one right now..

2)  Get the body moving 

Been trying to keep fit these days. But I'm a very boring person. I jog at the same place, same day of the week and same time of the day. LOL

3) Springcleaning in preparation for my brother's wedding

Seriously I have been clearing my room for 2 months to be exact. But i am proud of the end product! Seems like my room space has increased overnight. Now I am just left with painting the walls and changing the furniture. So that explains a few trips down to IKEA to search for the items i needed. 

Pretty good buy. Bedside table at only $59!

What is IKEA trip without having their signature meatballs and chicken wings. yums~ 

4) Proposal 

199 roses which weigh almost like a small toddler when lifted. I swear that almost everyone was looking at this big bunch of roses when they walked pass me. My brother's awesome idea. It was pretty crazy that night as everyone in hg witnessed how the whole proposal went. It was short-lived excitement for me as an audience. But I personally dun fancy this dramatic style of proposal :x 

Till the next...


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Being awakened by a sms thread which subsequently made me frown for a good 3 hrs

I never felt that things that I saw on crime watch or the news cld happen to me~

Sheer "luck" it might be...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

my eyes are puffy n lips are peeling from the late night OTs
I can't wait for this to be over before the body protest...

Catching the glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel (:

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Though I dislike attending social functions, wedding attendance is one that I find it hard to dismiss as it is the best blessing I could offer to my married friends. This was taken with my FTPs colleagues at Ruth's wedding back in March. Love the montage best as it showed the entire proposal process~ .Very sweet of Ruth's husband to have it so well-planned.

Seriously, I think this dress has been worn to death for the countless weddings I went. Or should I say its the by default #ootd for wedding :x That's what happens when one does not have enough dresses to play with.

#selfie is a MUST since I spent more time to paint my face for weddings. LOL a legitamate reason isnt it. Hate the curly hair that has started to grow so I tied up my hair in the end. Time for rebonding soon!


Felt a lil guilty as I just came back 2 weeks ago from an impromptu trip to Hongkong. It was my second time there but it was quite a different experience due to different travel companion & agendas. I swear that I ate till my tummy was super bloated. I gained a kilo after binging on the dim sum and milk tea from the various Cha Chaan Teng in hongkong. Prolly the pictures will do a better job.

My favourites:

Tim ho wan Pork BBQ Buns

Mido Cafe French Toast

Kam Wah 金华Cafe Po Lo Bun

Yung Kee Century Egg and Roasted goose (not in pic)

富记Siew Mai and har gow (near Mido Cafe)

Lord Stow's @ Expresso (Excelsior Hotel) Portugese Egg Tart

Ending with an act emo pic taken along Victoria Harbour on a cool windy night. I missed the weather in Hongkong~

Till the next....

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Cherry Red Nails to prep for CNY (:

This year i got to lou hei 2 times! Though im not a fan of it, but I like the atmosphere when ppl blabber alot of funny wishes. I remembered one of my colleagues were saying "Get boyfriend/married soon....Have children soon...Have grandchildren !" She loves children a lot i guess! 

This year we have one new member in the family and that's my niece Charlotte! She was a lil cranky when we were lou-heing. Prolly the sudden outburst scared her :x Charlotte is a very smart girl. She only allow papa and grandpa but not any other male figures to carry her. It was tried and tested! So interesting~ Despite her age, she is able to draw healthy boundaries with the opposite sex.

 Proceeded to gek's house on the second day (: Enjoyed the awesome company and home cooked dinner by Gek's father.

Here's one of gek's darlings. She called Belle~ A tiny lil poodle. Just like a furry ball. So CUTE!!

Introducing you Ms Misty and my shortie legs! LOL. She was bored when we were busy mahjonging. There were few other dogs in the house but didn't manage to snap pictures with them. They were all so adorable!

It was nice to fellowship with the peeps thru the night w/o being disturbed by calls/ emails. At work, they were the ones who go thru thin and thin with me. At play, they were also the crazy ones who brought much laughter to my pretty boring life. I wish I could stay a lil longer at work for this very reason. Well...shadn't get into the emo topic now.

 Have a good holiday everyone~

Monday, January 27, 2014

My heart sank when the consultant revealed that they noticed oval holes in my retina on both eyes. It was another incidental finding upon ophthalmoscopic examination. I try to be less paranoid but I just can't imagine myself progressively losing my vision...

Fear and uncertainty are crippling in...

Friday, January 17, 2014

An innocent accident of poking my eyeball had resulted in my cornea being scratched. A pretty huge price to pay for being clumsy.

The first 2 days was really horrific. My left eye was badly swollen, teary and it kept secreting a yellowish viscous fluid that glued my eyelashes together.. and it hurts with every blink. I was painfully paralyzed for a moment.

Now i just hope that it heals properly without any recurrence....

And I look awful with that red eye.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

What I did on the 1st day of 2014:

1) Usher into the new year in church
2) Snip away 4 inches of my hair
3) Had a short catch up and dinner with friends (:
4) Home Alone with my favourite songs and videos


For those who have known me long enough will know that 2013 has been a tremendous year of growth and change for me. I have hit rock bottom and had to pick myself up and move on with life.  It was not easy at all. Through the ups and downs, I have learnt important lessons in life and they made me grown.

Work has never been so meaningful yet torturous. Despite being a timid, fearful lady, I was trained and given the opportunity to chair meetings with partners including the police, doctors and court personnels. One of my milestones would be when I first presented a case in front of the honorable district judge at juvenile court.

Being a single and relatively young officer, I was also often challenged by my clients about my experience in marriage and parenting. Well, I chose to be frank with them and to learn along with them. Through the year, I have learnt to carry a 7 months old infant in my arms (without causing discomfort to the baby), soothe baby when they cry, baby talk to toddlers, exert authority over teenagers and counsel clients whom confided in me. These are the wonderful soft skills my job has equipped me with.

However, I am still struggling with clients who hurled vulgarities, threw nasty remarks that hurt my self esteem, wrote endless complain letters to MP as well as those who presented to be aggressive. There are times I just felt like running away so as to not face these nasty people. LOL. However, in times when i managed to earn their respect, even if it's just one, I felt so good bcos I knew my effort was not wasted after all.

As for my relationship, it has never been so close to heart yet painful. Having and losing someone whom you thought you could journey with the rest of your life can be such an unfortunate experience. I knew that it was never easy to bring 2 person of differing personalities together. Just like any couple, it takes a lot of love, commitment and patience to come to a middle ground. Some survived, others don't. I have put in my heart to make things work because he was worth it. I struggled, I cried and I fussed, but at the end of the day I believed in him and us. However the hurtful truth was disclosed on that fateful day...

"We come to love not by finding someone perfect or ideal, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly" - Sam Keen

Finding someone who can embrace your flaws, love you just the way you are and to put you at the centre of his/her life is not that easy after all. That's what I can conclude having gone through 1.5 relationships. But I still believe in love somehow~~


Moving forward, there are things that I wish to achieve in 2014:

1) Be positive most of the times
2) Travel on at least 2 trips (how abt a solo trip?)
3) Resume swimming to tone my body, my arms are way too flabby urgh
4) Change a job! 
5) Be a blessing to others

May all my loved ones be blessed with good health, peace and joy. 
Happy 2014!!!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

I should not have waivered and gave in

I am probably one of the pawns on their chessboard

Monday, December 16, 2013

 Buddies at Work

Introducing to you my humble workplace at MSF. The table on the left is mine (:
That is only a quarter of my working space.


My pretty neighbour, Bev has left us...

 No more posh brownies, no more gossips and silly jokes to brighten up my day...totally lost a buddy and confidant at work

Settled on having a k session as a farewell to my neighbie.

Really love this bunch of gals (some are not in photo though). Most of them sat along my lorong so they have heard my angsty teleconversations,  my market slang mandarin conversations and htht with clients LOL. There are times where we go " mmm...ya...I hear your frustrations Mr so and so..." while turning to our neighbours and giving that super frustrated look on our face :x oops that's a confession,

If I were to leave...they are the ones whom I will dearly miss.

This was a treat from AD of intervention team at Dempsey sometime ago :)

After dinner games: This was like the 100th times I have danced since I joined MSF. No I'm not a dancer LOL and I'm not enthu.This was actually a forfeit as our team was the last to reach dempsey. HAHA for that lateness culture, i think i have joined the right team ~

Now that I have tasted the goodness( and badness) of this job and reached the milestones I have set for myself, it's really time to leave and venture into a new arena as i hit mid twenties (:

Saturday, December 07, 2013

 #Throwback# for Taiwan Trip 2013

A breathtaking view when we were up at Taruko Gorge...


Lavender Cottage at TaiChung was like a dreamland but I have heard that those from Japan was much more spectacular. Maybe Japan shall be my next destination (:

Eating lavender ice cream at lavender cottage is definitely worth a pose!~

Awaiting more uploads (:

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Swee ying's wedding...

Natsha, my fellow colleague who came and left within a month. She's now the lady boss of Artease branch in Serangoon Central drive. So near my house!

The second batch of FTP who followed me for fieldwork (:

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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

It felt terribly lonely
when everyone's gone
One after another...